Steep Ravine Cabins, Mt. Tamalpais

Skill level



Camping, hiking, swimming


Cabin Camping Overnight: 1 hour drive from San Francisco, 15 minutes from Stinson Beach

What to Expect

  • Idyllic cabins on the coast
  • Private beach and hot springs

What to Pack

  • Warm clothes, bedding and pillows, beach towel, lanterns, and speakers

Cabin with a dynamite view

Tucked off the coast of Highway 1 is one of Marin County’s best kept secrets: Steep Ravine campsite and cabins.

The campground provides access to 10 cabins overlooking Stinson Beach and 6 campsites tucked a little further back on the bluff overlooking the Pacific. Reserve your spot here through Reserve America. It’s worth getting up on the 1st of the month to snag one of these cabins.

Or book a campsite if you don’t get lucky with getting a cabin – it looks just as awesome!

We got the cabin 7 known as “Hot Springs” as it’s closest to the beach and the famous tidal hot springs nearby. Clothing optional.

The cabin itself is very spacious with a big open room, nice table for meals, and wood burning stove to stay warm at night.

Behind the main room are two smaller sleeping rooms. There are “beds” for 6 people although the beds are just wood. Definetly bring your own sleeping pad or air mattress to get comfy. Or be unprepared like us and opt out of both.

Follow the path down to your own private beach and hot springs if tides are permitting.

Outdoor table for a sunset meal.

A .5 mile loop takes you through the cabins and hugs the bluff towards the Pacific Ocean. We definitely recommend exploring the nearby area.


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